What is Printbox?

Printbox is an on-the-go solution for document printing. It combines the Printbox cloud system and a self-service

Printbox Cloud Management System
The cloud based print on-the-go system provides you with full control and remote management. It enables you to connect an unlimited number of kiosks into your network with an unlimited number of users. It includes an online platform for remote maintenance, control and management of the device. It also provides many tools for marketing activities with statistical data and reports. Printbox users may create free user cloud accounts, upload and store documents as well as access their account and manage their documents remotely.A9Rdmwez6_17ac1ai_abw


Multifunctional print-on-the-go vending Machine

Printbox sets a new revolutionary trend in the technology of printing. Printing, copying, scanning, access to documents and archiving are now possible with one single device. The Printbox cloud system also enables a multitude of file storing and uploading options, which makes the user experience so much easier. Payment is possible on-site, at every Printbox and can be done by cash, mobile payment, card system etc. Printbox kiosks may be installed at several high frequency locations on the market to fulfil print on-the-go needs of everyone.

Advertising and Media tool

Printbox is not just a casual solution for document printing on the go. The upper screen of every Printbox is available for advertising and for informational purposes.


Printing Scanning
Speed Up to 40 pages per minute Up to 20 pages per minute
Colour Full colour Full colour, Black & White (optional)
Resolution 1200 x 600 dpi 600 dpi
Two-sided Yes Yes
Paper capacity/loading 1800-2500 paper sheets 50 paper sheets at Automatic Feeder, 1 paper sheet at Flatbed
Paper type Quality 80 gr/m2 Up to 120 gr/m2
Paper size A4 Up to A4
File types PDF, JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, Word, Excel, Power Point, Open Office Automatically converted to PDF
Uploading documents E-mail, PC, tablet, mobile phone, web site USB flash drive Flatbed, Automatic Feeder

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