myUTN-55 USB Deviceserver

Benefits of myUTN-55:

  • Best compatibility with USB devices for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Virtual USB cable extension via the network for the flexible and location-independent utilization of USB devices
  • A direct, safe point-to-point connection via the wireless network protects USB devices from unauthorized access
  • Cost savings for no need to purchase multiple USB devices: myUTN-55 allows users to share the devices over the wireless network


The myUTN-55 USB Deviceserver is a true all-rounder for using USB devices across the wireless network.

The myUTN-55 is a “plug & play“ solution: As soon as it is connected to the wireless network you can manage all connected USB devices transparently via the SEH UTN Manager software – just as if they were locally attached.

It enables you to access many different USB devices via WLAN. You can attach up to two USB devices simultaneously – independent of location, USB cable lengths etc.

The Wifi Protected Setup (WPS) allows for easy, fast and secure integration in the wireless network. With myUTN-55 you have complete control over the two integrated USB interfaces and the attached USB devices.

The myUTN-55 comes with many security features: In addition to the secure point-to-point connection myUTN enables you to limit access to USB device types defined by you.

The myUTN-55 is the ideal solution for using USB devices comfortably and securely in virtualized network environments, such as Citrix, VMware or Hyper-V.

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