HCR 331


  • Hybrid card reader – Manual insertion
  • EMV Level 1 certified
  • Read magnetic stripe cards conform to ISO7811 AAMVA
  • Bi-colour LED indication
  • Coin drop
  • Card latching capability
  • Optional smart card only model
  • Power failure auto ejection


This HCR331 is a compact hybrid reader with a card latching feature. It is designed to read high or low coercivity magnetic cards and to read and write to CPU and memory cards.

The HCR331 decodes and verifies up to three tracks of data simultaneously (for magnetic stripe reader only). Commands and data are processed through a USB interface. The command protocol is designed to be suitable for use in the financial industry.

For smart card operation, it provides a card latching function while reading from and writing to ISO7816-3 microprocessor smart cards (T=0, T=1) and memory cards (S9, S10 and 104-type). Once latched into the HCR331, the user cannot hold the card making it almost impossible to withdraw card until it is ejected by the reader thereby preventing accidental removal while a transaction is completed.

The HCR331 is EMV2000 Level 1 certified. The smart card reader has landing contacts for long, reliable life. The open frame design allows mis-inserted items such as coins to drop out of the mechanism.

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